May 29, 2014

Sean Warwick

With a love for computers and a desire to explore his creative side, Sean Warwick found Interactive Arts and Technology through his high-school career advisor.

Initially a student who wishes he got involved earlier in his undergraduate studies, he has now come to engage the community in astounding ways. Through becoming a teaching assistant in only his third year in his undergrad, he has not only gained a new perspective on education, but has also enriched many of his fellow peers with knowledge.

For Sean, he enjoys the applied and practical nature of the courses offered in Interactive Arts and Technology.

“I believe my more engaged moment at SFU was in an upper division experience design course…my group was assigned to the international tea distribution company Tealeaves. We were given a one month project to…improve their online store sales. As part of the assignment we were given the opportunity to meet with the CEO of Tealeaves and discuss our potential solutions. I felt this experience was invaluable as it gave me a real idea of what it feels like to use my education in a real world setting.”