September 19, 2013

Dr. Yuezhi Zhao - C. Edwin Baker Award Recipient


I'm delighted to let you know that Dr. Yuezhi Zhao will be awarded the C. Edwin Baker Award for the Advancement of Scholarship on Media, Markets and Democracy at the 2014 International Communication Association congress, to be held in Seattle WA in May.

Past recipients are Drs. James Curran, Robert McChesney, and Dan Hallin.

About the C. Edwin Baker Award for the Advancement of Scholarship on Media, Markets and Democracy:

The Philosophy of Communication and Communication Law and Policy Divisions of the International Communications Association seek nominees annually for the  C. Edwin Baker Award for the Advancement of Scholarship on Media, Markets and Democracy.

The Baker Award recognizes work that has made significant contributions to the development, reach and influence of such scholarship. While the awards committee favors research that consists of multiple projects and publications that have made a clear, coherent and sustained contribution to the advancement of such scholarship over time, single works and/or activities that have been highly influential in the field may also qualify someone for nomination. More specifically, nominees for this award will have accomplished one or more of the following:

- opened up new theoretical and/or methodological territory in research on any aspect of the interrelations between media, markets and democracy;
- made other important contributions to the advancement of scholarship on these inter-relations;
- engaged in activism that advanced scholarship on these inter-relations.

The Baker Award was established in 2010 through an endowed fund created from the estate of Professor C Edwin Baker (1947-2009), who was the Nicholas F. Gallichio Professor of Law and Communication at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and is intended to honor the enormous contribution made by Professor Baker to communications scholarship. The Divisions gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Professor Baker’s sister Dr Nancy Baker.

Alison Beale, Director, School of Communication

About Dr. Zhao

Dr. Yuezhi Zhao is Canada Research Chair in the Political Economy of Global Communication and a Professor of Communication at Simon Fraser University. Her current research, a comparative analysis of transnational satellite TV news, is being conducted at the School of Communication’s new Global Media Monitoring and Analysis Laboratory (GMMA Lab). Tentatively titled News Worlds: Constructing Global Orders on Satellite Television, the study examines the news agendas, ideological orientations, and framing of key global issues and events on four global news channels: CNN, BBC World, China Central Television and Al Jazeera. This project follows Dr. Zhao’s intensive recent studies on the evolving structures and processes of Chinese and global communications. It also builds upon her extensive previous work on theories of ideology and discourse, and the institutional and discursive dimensions of North American, Chinese, and global media