October 13, 2014

SIAT faculty member's book on user experience published


The School of Interactive Arts and Technology and the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology would like to congrtulate Assistant Professor Carman Neustaedter on the publication of his new book:

Studying and Designing Technology for Domestic Life: Lessons from Home by Tejinder K. Judge and Carman Neustaedter

Conducting research and technology design for domestic life is difficult, as methods commonly used in in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) in settings like the workplace may not easily translate to the richness and complexity of domestic life. This book is a one-stop resource for developing new and innovative research method skills for domestic life. It documents new ways in which researchers are studying domestic life, as well as designing and evaluating technology in the home. Each chapter is a candid discussion about methods that were successfully used for research studies with a focus on the challenges that the researchers faced and the best practices they learned.