October 13, 2016

"Upright Dreams" & "Plastic Me"


A Yeong Kim creates art that questions societal ideals, including notions of perfection and success. Raised in both Korea and Canada, Kim’s work draws on different cultural influences to explore how people are conditioned to live their lives.

Kim is a student in the School for the Contemporary ArtsVisual Art program at SFU. Her work includes art installations, graphic design and photography. Her photography was recently recognized by Canon Canada, who awarded her a Canon Canada Photography Prize in 2016.  

Here Kim shares her work, and explains her underlying artistic vision.

Upright Dreams, A Yeong Kim, 2016

Upright Dreams alludes to society's ideals about the lives of productive citizens. The presentation of the self is made to fit into society’s notion of success.

Plastic Me Series, A Yeong Kim, 2015

Plastic Me points to how women are altering themselves through plastic surgery to meet ideal beauty standards set by society. This can be especially pervasive among Korean youth looking to Western beauty standards.

Seymour, Seymour, A Yeong Kim, 2013

Exploration of public, domestic and workplace environments through photography is used to invite deeper thought about the nature of civilized life.