FCAT Pro Workshop: Professionally Brand Yourself & Create a Digital Portfolio!

Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology

November 17, 2021

Professionally Brand Yourself & Create a Digital Portfolio!

Interested in creating your own digital portfolio but unsure where to start? Join us for a workshop on Branding and Portfolio creation where you will learn how to showcase your best work and gain future opportunities.

In the first half, Publishing lecturer Suzanne Norman will go over the essential elements of branding you should consider when creating a professional portfolio. The second half will be led by Communications student Magali Bureau, as she takes you through her own portfolio, giving tips on how to not only create a portfolio but put it to good use.


Suzanne Norman is a lecturer in the Publishing Program, teaching courses in book publishing, digital publishing and cultural entrepreneurship. She is the director of the Publishing Workshops at Simon Fraser University, and the director of Special Initiatives in the CISP. Over the years, she has worked as an investigative journalist, a newspaper editor and an editor of young adult fiction. https://publishing.sfu.ca/master-of-publishing/faculty/suzanne-norman/

Currently operating out of a small log cabin in Squamish, BC, Magali Bureau combines her education with her passion for creativity. This is her last semester at SFU, and she is majoring in Communication. Alongside her studies, she works in communications and provides freelance creative service, like photography and graphic design. Learn how she created her online portfolio! http://magalibureau.ca/

FCAT Pro Workshops

FCAT Pro (formerly known as FCAT CMN8) is a series of professional development workshops designed to develop and build practical skills. Open to all FCAT students, the workshops are led by industry experts and FCAT students. More information at: http://www.sfu.ca/fcat/current-students/events/fcat-pro-workshops.html