FCAT Student TikTok/Instagram Video Contest Fall 2021

School of Communication, School of Interactive Arts & Technology, School for the Contemporary Arts, Publishing Programs, Master of Digital Media, engagement, Film & Video, Technology & Society

Image sourced from cottonbro on Pexels
November 15, 2021

Introducing the Fall 2021 Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology Student Tiktok/Instagram Video Contest

Show us how you celebrate the holidays on TikTok and/or Instagram and tag your school by December 6th for a chance to win a $50 e-gift card or one of two $25 runner-up e-gift cards. Winners and runners-up will be selected for each school that is part of FCAT: School of Communication, School for the Contemporary Arts, and School of Interactive Arts and Technology. We look forward to seeing what you create! 

Contest rules:

  • Post your video showing how you celebrate the holidays on TikTok and/or Instagram
  • Follow and tag your school's TikTok and/or Instagram account (SIAT, SCA, or CMNS)
  • Feel free to include a brief video description in your post.
  • Entrants must be enrolled in at least one course in the Fall 2021 semester in Interactive Arts & Technology, Communication, or Contemporary Arts.
  • Winners will be contacted by direct message on TikTok or Instagram by December 10th. If your account doesn't allow direct messages, please email your name and a link to your video to fcateng@sfu.ca.

Deadline to post your videos is Monday, December 6th.

SIAT TikTok: @sfusiat | Instagram: @siatsfu

CMNS TikTok: @sfucmns | Instagram: @sfucmns

SCA TikTok: @sca.sfu | Instagram: @sfucontemporaryarts

Terms and conditions:

By participating in the video contest (posting your video and tagging your school's account), you agree that the contents of the post including names, video, and details can be shared by Simon Fraser University. The videographer will retain the copyright to all videos submitted, however Simon Fraser University retains the rights to publish entries on the web, social media, and in print.