March 20, 2014



Congratulations Dr. Steve DiPaola, Associate Professor in the School of Interactive Arts & Technology and Director of the SFU Cognitive Science Program, on the launch of FaceFries! FaceFries is an app Dr. DiPaola co-created with Dr. Liane Gabora, Department of Psychology at UBC, and three junior programmers/designers. The exciting new app is “a free iOS app that allows you to express yourself through an AI 3D talking face”. The app “helps people express themselves and empathize with others. It also allows people to see themselves as a different gender, culture, or race.”

FaceFries was made possible by a grant from Grand NCE awarded to Dr. DiPaola and Dr. Gabora to create a startup -

For more information about the app, check out this article from Researcher Launches New FaceFries App

Find out more about the app, its development, and download it for your iPad or iPhone at its home website: You can also download it via the Apple App store - make sure to give it a review when you do to increase the chances of Apple listing FaceFries on their Top New Apps Lists!