March 20, 2015

Professor Bob Hackett to Receive the 2015 Dallas Smythe Award


Professor Hackett has been chosen by the Union for Democratic Communications and the Toronto 2015 Local Organizing Committee to receive the 2015 Dallas Smythe Award. 

"Smythe Award winners are nominated by their peers to honour those whose work exhibits the spirit of engagement, democracy, teaching, and feistiness to which the UDC is committed." Professor Hackett is recognized for his substantial academic and community contributions, including to the work of the UDC, NewsWatch Canada, the Media Democracy Project, and, and for his long and influential commitment to media democratization.

This is the second year in a row that an SFU School of Communication Professor has won this award. Professor Yuezhi Zhao took home the award in 2013 for her outstanding contributions to the study of the political economy of global communication.

Hackett is set to accept this prestigious award in May, at the 2015 Union for Democratic Communications Conference in Toronto, Ontario.