April 27, 2015

Communication graduate wins award for CBC early edition program


D'Souza is graduating from the School of Communication this June, and won the award for his CBC Early Edition Program titled, Radio, Injustice and Darkness: A Century since the Komagatu Maru. This was his first national broadcast. 

Through SFU support he pursued an internship at CBC, which would eventually lead to a Co-op with them in Summer of 2013. 

You previously interned for CBC, what was the experience like? 

I was the recipient of the Peter Gzowski Radio internship in 2012 and it was the single greatest thing to happen to me at SFU. I know I'm tremendously biased saying this, but now working at CBC for 3 years, it's obvious that that internship is one of the best journalism opportunities for any young, aspiring journalists, regardless of experience. The fact that you get 4 months to work with some of the best journalists in the country in an environment that lets you be both creative and is risk-free is so rare. When you consider it's only open to 4 universities Canada-wide and SFU is one of them, it makes it that much more appealing. 

Can you tell us about your award-winning program? 

Injustice and Darkness was a program that commemorated the 100-year anniversary of the Komagata Maru. In 1914, 376 men from India set sail to Canada in hope of starting a better life for themselves and their families, instead they were met with rejection and racism. On the centennial anniversary we wanted to look back at that dark time in Canadian history, but also celebrate the tremendous success the South Asian community has had across our country. 

You can hear the program here

As a student getting ready to graduate from the Communication program, what do you love most about it? 

I owe a lot to what I've been able to do so far to the professors I've had in Communication. David Newman and Roman Onufrijchuk have had a huge impact throughout my time in the faculty. I find it increasingly important both in the study of Communication and making a career out to be able to have the freedom to think outside the box and be creative in your application of the content. Those two professors championed a completely different model of the study that I feel has benefited students tremendously. I hope the faculty continues to push the envelope when it comes to studying a field that is constantly changing.

On behalf of the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology we congratulate you Jason, and wish you all the best in your future endeavors! 

To read more about The Association of Electronic Journalists and this year’s regional winners, visit the CBC website.