February 08, 2017

A Journey of Discovery


By Alisha Pillay

From broadcaster at CityTV to CEO of Creative BC, FCAT alumna Prem Gill is making huge strides in driving BC’s creative economy forward.

Prem’s interest in the entertainment industry sparked early on in her life. A child of the late 70s, Prem cites Charlie’s Angels as one of her favourite television shows growing up. “I always thought how great it would be to see my own friends on TV. I figured the best way to do that was to become a part of the entertainment industry myself. Mass media has such an impact on our lives. I wanted to get involved somehow.”

Following that train of thought, Prem chose to study Communications at SFU. However, at the time, this particular field of study was still relatively new. Not really knowing what a program like this meant for her career-wise, it was something that appealed to her and she decided to go for it.

After completing her degree, Prem went on to work in a variety of different roles in the communications industry – all of which helped her build the skillset and experience necessary for her current job as CEO of Creative BC. Her impressive resume includes producer, broadcaster for CityTV and Chum, government relations and even PR.

“I have a very broad cross-section of different experiences within the creative industries and I think that set me up really well to be able to take on a role like the one I am currently in. All those years spent in high school thinking about making an impact and somehow being a part of the Canadian media landscape – it’s all coming to life in a different way for me right now.”

Prem had this advice to pass on to students:

“Explore all of your passions. If it gives you purpose, turn that in to something. My first job was a receptionist at a PR firm and although that wasn’t my dream job by any means, it was related to where I was going. All of the skills you learn from having to answer phones for an office to whatever type of administrative work – it’s relevant and you will use all of it at some point in your career. Don’t worry too much about what the end goal looks like. As long as you have some sort of vision, take what you can from every experience you get.”

Next week, Prem will be travelling to Berlin to attend the European Film Market. Numerous BC filmmakers and production companies will be in attendance and Creative BC will be working closely with the BC Producers Association to help set up meeting and events with the Canadian consulate.