A Tale of Two Editors

June 12, 2017

By Byron Hauck

Recent graduates of Communication University of China’s Double Degree Program in Global Communication, Song Yu and Hatty Liu are currently working in China as editors in the publishing industry. Song Yu works at The People’s Daily - the biggest newspaper group in China. And Hatty Liu works at The World of Chinese - an English, bi-monthly magazine about contemporary culture in China. Since graduation, the pair have been busy telling China’s stories:

Song Yu

What do you do in your current role?

I publicize releases from Party leaders and review 'from the masses to the masses' stories about the Party’s volunteer endeavors, as well as pitch stories myself.

Favourite story you've written?

Spearheading a story about the harms of unregulated drones for airports.

How have you applied what you've learned in the Double Degree program?

I understand more about ‘why’, not just ‘what’ or ‘how’ you should write in particular styles.

Hatty Liu

What do you do in your current role?

I decide the theme of each issue and am personally responsible for writing six stories a month for the magazine and our website.

Favourite story you've written?

I wrote a story about a recent ride I took on a green line slow train. In this story, I interviewed many migrant workers who rely on this cheaper form of transportation. It was an incredibly eye-opening experience.

How have you applied what you've learned in the Double Degree program?

During the program, I was critiquing journalism from the outside. At work, I am on the ‘inside’. However, my piece on the green line slow train was an opportunity to do both at the same time.

Song and Hatty demonstrate the pragmatic application of critical theory in professional careers, showcasing not only re-imaginations of journalistic work, but also the activist agency of critical citizenship. FCAT is excited to follow Song and Hatty’s journey as they make their mark in China’s publishing industry.