July 22, 2014

Frances Breden Undergraduate Fellowship Award Profile


Area of study: SIAT
Faculty supervisor: Henry Daniel

How has your academic endeavors prepared you for this experience?

SIAT has given me web design and video skills, which will be essential to this fellowship. Arne Eigenfeldt's New Media Performance class exposed me to the awesome interdisciplinary performances happening in FPA. I've also worked in video production and physical theatre outside of school at VIVO Media Arts Centre and with Rebel Haunt Theatre. 

Give us a description of the research project and your role during your working semester.

One thing that drew me to Henry's work is that there's a process of improvisation and discovery to it. As a starting point, I'll be helping Henry with documenting his work through video.  I'll also be working with his online archive of work, helping to manage his websites. But I'm happy to say I'm still unsure of the endpoint.

What do you look forward to the most?

Learning the process by which Henry creates his work. Multimedia work and semi-improvised work gives so many choices for how to express a certain emotion or concept. Every artist or artistic researcher has a different approach to it, and I'm interested in Henry's. 

What do you hope to gain through this opportunity? How do you envision this experience contributing to your future academic and professional career?

Learning about Henry's process will hopefully give me inspiration for my own future work. I also hope to come away knowing different methods for documenting, archiving, and publicizing a catalogue of work which is integral in making pieces successful and lasting. Also, I'm excited to make new connections in the FPA!

What would you tell a student that is thinking of applying for the Fellowship Award next year?

Don't apply for the position you could do most easily with your current skill set, but the one that you're most passionate about. The professors and adjudicators don't expect us to know everything, but do expect us to care.