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Five FCAT faculty members receive SSHRC Insight Development Grants

August 01, 2019
Congratulations to the five faculty members across FCAT who have received SSHRC Insight Development Grants to fund their research!
  • Philippe Pasquier, School of Interactive Arts and Technology Project title: GenMap:Computer-Assisted Intermedia Mapping (total amount awarded: $68,485)
  • Sabine Bitter, School of Contemporary Arts Project title: Performing Spaces of Radical Pedagogies (total amount awarded: $63,904)
  • Sun-Ha Jong, School of Communication Project title: Personal Truthmaking in the Data-driven Society: Deepfakes, smart machines and political disinformers (total amount awarded: $46,691)
  • Ahmed Al-Rawi, School of Communication Project title: Fake News perceptions and discourses on social media and Canadian mainstream media (total amount awarded: $64,878)
  • Eldritch Priest, School of Contemporary Arts Project title: Wandering Refrains: The Daydream Imaginary in Contemporary Arts and Culture (total amount awarded: $59,967)