Semester in Alternate Realities

About the Program

Semester in Alternate Realities proposes a unique educational experience meant to inspire interdisciplinary teams to solve a real-world problem exploring technologies currently referred to as xR (ranging from Virtual reality (VR) to Augmented (AR) and Mixed reality (MR)).

What is xR and “Alternate Realities”?

The xR (“Extended Reality”) space is an emerging umbrella term that includes development, critical theory and different types of research and human aspects in the areas of virtual, augmented and mixed realities. Part of the alternative realities program goal is to support and contribute skills and knowledge to this burgeoning area.

In this project-based course, participants will be challenged to develop solutions using technologies such as VR (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive), AR (Google AR Core and Apple AR Kit) in addition to MR (Microsoft Hololens) as well as immersive multi-modal media installations. In addition to focusing on the co-construction of digital prototypes affording meaningful experiences in “alternate realities”, our objective is to stimulate documented reflection and discussion throughout the process. Participants can expect to work collaboratively, be matched according to the skills they bring, and be provided time and resources to learn new techniques and approaches, soft- and hard skills, and processes to conduct user research. Participants will get the opportunity to reflect on future technologies and their potential impact on the world, and improve their presentation skills and publicly showcase their projects. To incorporate diverse perspectives, students from different disciplines are invited to apply and, in their application, argue how they could contribute to the course and the co-construction of team projects.