The External Development Summit (XDS) Awards in Gaming

With recent statics showing a doubling of female video game developers in the past seven years and more women playing games than ever before, the industry has been working hard to create new ways to open doors for women in the field.

None more so than The External Development Summit (XDS) Advisory Committee who has taken the lead by making a generous and significant gift to SFU - designed to directly support female undergraduate students in SIAT passionate about the gaming world. Over the next three years, the XDS Awards in Gaming will provide six talented SIAT students specializing in gaming  $3,500 each in funding  - a donation of $21,000 in total.

Chris Wren, Chair of the XDS Advisory Committee, says, “We are delighted to establish these unique awards in the gaming area at SFU.  The SIAT program fosters innovation in delivering industry-relevant curriculum that aligns with our mission to advance external development for the videogame industry.

XDS is a world-leading international games industry event held annually in Vancouver.  This inspiring and dynamic conference brings together professionals such as game developers, publishers, vendors, middleware providers, and trade organizations to advance the industry through networking and education.  The primary focus of XDS is external development for art, animation, audio, software engineering, QA [Quality Assurance] and localization.

The games industry is changing positively, with greater numbers of women  entering what has historically been a male-dominant industry. However, often they are still the minority even in the some of the world’s largest gaming companies.

XDS shared with SIAT their strong belief in creating further opportunities for women in the industry by financially supporting female students seeking to advance in the field – especially given the growing demand for talent.  And that, thanks to XDS is surely a Triple-A title!

For more information on how to establish an FCAT student award or discuss how to personalize your donation to a specific area of interest at SFU please contact:

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