The 2015 Undergraduate Conference

Innovation, Composition Engagement: Celebrating Five Years of FCAT

The Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology held its 5th annual Undergraduate Conference on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at Surrey City Hall. During this exciting event students had the opportunity to share their essays, performances, films, art pieces, and projects with fellow FCAT students, faculty and staff, while celebrating the diversity of our programs. 

From new ideas to new designs, processes and modes of performance, innovation is at the heart of FCAT. We are inspired by the level of creativity and ingenuity in all our students and look forward to celebrating the latest achievements at the FCAT Undergraduate Conference 2015. 

FCAT students continue to collaborate and learn from our differences while finding ways of coming together in a shared language. The elements of composition are central to how we produce ideas, new media, discourses, images, design and art. We invite all our students to share their latest compositions in communication, contemporary arts, interactive arts, and publishing.    

FCAT’s work engages our communities, local companies, and organizations across the Greater Vancouver Area and beyond! Join us for the FCAT Undergraduate Conference 2015 to learn the many ways our students are collaborating and making a difference!. 

The conference consisted of a series of 20-minute student-presentations. We had 29 presentations this year, 14 from Communication, six from Contemporary Arts, and nine from Interactive Arts + Technology. 

Special Thanks To:

Canon Canada Inc., Inaugural Sponsor for the 2015 FCAT Undergraduate Conference, the 2015 Ambassadors - Andrew Hawryshkewich, Rob Kitsos, & Katherine Reilly, VPA Dr. Jon Driver, SFU Surrey Executive Director Steve Dooley, Surrey City Hall, and our event volunteers. 

Congratulations to all of the students who presented at this year's Conference, we wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors! 

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Presenter Profiles

Lindsay Shepherd (CMNS): Consolidation, Concentration and Cineplex: Film Exhibition in Canada

Shepherd is a School of Communication who presented her collected data via a poster at this year's conference. Her case study explores the concentration of the film exhibition industry in a local context, and the cultural consequences. 

Del Fathi, Vicky Hung, & Isabel Kelemina (SIAT) - Sheep in the City 

Vicky and her group demonstrated their project at the conference. Sheep in the City is a video game demonstration that deals with advertising and its dominance in new media. It takes the form of a game where the player’s interactions are intersected with advertisements. We have integrated ads in a way that is both conspicuous (i.e. making users sit through a video ad before they can resume the game), as well as inconspicuous (i.e. product placement).

Their work aims to bring awareness to the way advertisements interject themselves into our consciousness by suffocating users in a game world overrun by consumerism. Having a game so heavily reliant on advertising is intended to draw parallels to current entertainment trends, which require commercialism to thrive.

Ali Alshehari (CMNS) - The Influence of Television and Social Media on the Democratic Movement in the Middle East and North Africa

Ali, a School of Communication student, presented his research paper at the conference. His paper argues that the impact of television and social media may have been instrumental in the “Arab Spring” creating a “public sphere” which allowed free and open dialogue that influenced the process of these revolutions. 

Maddison Yeo (CMNS) - Pink Satin Panties: Developing Male Identities, Masculinity, and its Contradicitons in "Supernatural"

Yeo presented her research paper at this year's conference. Her paper highlights the traits of masculinity as shown in the CW network show "Supernatural" and how they fit within the genre, the history of the genre, and how they relate to societal visions and presentation of masculinity.

Yeo's work seeks to show the development of masculinity within the program, and the potentially harmful issues the show contains in a societal context.  

Lee Canon Brown (SCA) - Machine-Learning: An Education  

Brown presented a research paper on his experience being a research fellow at SFU, and assisting Arne Eigenfeldt in his research and art. The presentation focused on generative art and the attitudes/approaches of those who create it.