Anne Salomon

Anne Salomon is an applied marine ecologist and assistant professor at Simon Fraser University’s School of Resource and Environmental Management. She has dedicated her career to advancing our understanding of how humans alter the productivity, biodiversity and resilience of coastal marine ecosystems with the ultimate goal of informing ecosystem approaches to marine conservation.

Anne’s research program lies at the nexus of community ecology, anthropology, archaeology and marine conservation policy. Her research has revealed insights into the cascading effects of predator depletion and recovery, alternative state dynamics in kelp forest ecosystems, marine reserve design, and the factors that confer resilience to coupled social-ecological systems. Much of her work involves collaborating with coastal indigenous communities to design research projects aimed at devising solutions to pressing coastal conservation problems. Understanding the dynamics of social-ecological systems necessitates a combination of approaches. To meet this challenge, Anne and her students foster research partnerships with natural and social scientists, take an interdisciplinary approach to much of their work, and use a combination of tools and data types, including manipulative field experiments, large-scale regional surveys, quantitative models, stable isotopes, satellite remote sensing, archeological data, historical records and traditional knowledge.

Anne is motivated by the sense that meaningful marine conservation outcomes can only be achieved by engaging coastal communities, stakeholders and government agencies in constructive dialogue and collaborative research. Anne is a strong advocate for science-based ocean policies and practices and has been actively involved in marine conservation science and policy for over 15 years.