Duncan Knowler

Duncan Knowler is an ecological/environmental economist with extensive experience in the fields of natural resource economics and environment and development. His research interests include the economics of natural resource management in developing countries, valuation of environmental resources and applied bioeconomic modeling, including a more specific focus on sustainable agriculture and sustainable aquaculture. His research has included studies of nutrient enrichment and commercial fisheries in the Black Sea, the economics of invading species, the prospects for community wildlife management in Nepal and Mexico, prospects for conservation of the one-horned Indian rhino, the sustainability of shrimp-mangrove systems in India and valuing the preservation of fish spawning and spotted owl habitat in Western Canada.

31 More recently, the emphasis on sustainable food production systems has seen his involvement in the Canadian Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture Network (CIMTAN), funded by an NSERC Strategic Network grant. This research has concentrated on the market implications of introducing more sustainably raised salmon in BC, the economics of such technologies and the value BC residents place on improved environmental conditions at aquaculture sites. His research relating to sustainable agriculture concerns conservation agriculture, a more environmentally friendly farming technique championed by FAO, where he was employed before returning to academia. A highly successful article relating to this research has been extended to cover new modeling approaches as a PhD project. At present, he is spending a year in Spain as an Ikerbasque Visiting Fellow at the University of the Basque Country while on sabbatical, where he has been focusing on modeling and management research relating to the migratory European white stork.