Geoff Mann

Geoff Mann is a Professor in the Department of Geography, and the Director of SFU’s Centre for Global Political Economy. He is interested in the political economy of contemporary capitalism. His current research has two main concerns: (1) the theory and practice of modern macroeconomic governance/regulation; and (2) the relationship between capitalism, the state, and global climate change.

Currently, the rst takes the form of a book on the many lives of Keynesian economic policy and theory. Originally based in an investigation of the return of Keynesian ideas in the wake of the financial meltdown that began in 2007-2008, the book analyses the relationship between the liberal capitalist democratic states and poverty since the French Revolution.

The second concern motivates articles co-authored with Dr. Joel Wainwright of Ohio State University which examine the political challenges raised by the speci cally planetary nature of climate change. These articles, which dissect the problem of “Climate Leviathan”, laid the groundwork for a book currently underway, focusing on the problem of planetary sovereignty that confronts contemporary state-centred climate regulation.