Hugo Cardoso

Assistant Professor


778 782-4171

Hugo Cardoso is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Archaeology and co-director of the Centre for Forensic Research at SFU. He is primarily a biological anthropologist and a human skeletal biologist interested in developing theory and methods in bioarchaeology and forensic anthropology. His research interests fall in the following three broad areas.

  • The first one is experimentation in bone trauma and bone taphonomy. He was awarded a Discovery grant from NSERC to develop the first dedicated outdoors facility in Canada to study bone decomposition.
  • His second area of interest refers to the validation of methods for the estimation of identity from the skeleton, where he has been testing and developing new techniques for age estimation from juvenile skeletal material and living individuals.
  • His last broad area of interest is in child growth and health in the past. Growth and health status of children can provide powerful insights into the effects of transition and change in the past. As such, he has started a new research project to study the impact
    of the Muslim occupation of Portugal during the Islamic Medieval Golden Age period on health and well-being of local populations. To carry out this project, he is partnering with the heritage department of the Santarem municipality, in Portugal, where a eld school in bioarchaeology is currently being planned and prepared. He has also done forensic anthropology consulting work for the Yukon Coroner’s Office and the RCMP.