Jeremy Venditti

Jeremy Venditti is an environmental earth scientist. His primary interests are in the geomorphic and sedimentary processes that shape Earth’s surface. He works at a range of temporal and spatial scales from detailed examinations of sediment dynamics occurring over fractions of a second in laboratory channels to monitoring inter- annual river and watershed responses to anthropogenic impacts.

The theme of his research throughout his career has been erosion and sedimentation processes, particularly in river channels. He uses a spectrum of research approaches, including eld observation and experimentation, physical modeling in laboratories, development of theoretical models, and numerical simulation.

His most recent work has been on 1) the coupling between the uplift of mountains ranges, climate and bedrock incision, 2) the dynamics of the Fraser River and Delta, 3) turbulence and coherent ow structures in ows at Earth’s surface, 4) development of hydroacoustic techniques to monitor ow and sediment in rivers and 5) the dynamics of ripples and dunes in modern and ancient sedimentary systems.

The goal of his research is to develop physically-realistic predictive capabilities that allow us to forecast how river systems will respond to shifts in climate, land use change and other anthropogenic impacts on the environment.