Jonathan Moore

The research program of Dr. Jonathan W. Moore focuses on the conservation, management, and ecology of aquatic systems.

In addition to the PI, the group generally consists of several undergraduate technicians, masters and PhD graduate students, and often a postdoctoral researcher or two. Much of their research focuses on coastal systems, primarily in BC’s rivers, their watersheds, and estuaries.

His research group works with diverse partners and collaborators. Through a variety of approaches, ranging from field-intensive work out on the boats with local communities to analyses of large datasets, the lab aims to do scientific research that not only illuminates the way that these natural systems work, but also informs important decisions and management practices. For example, much of their research focuses on the ecology of Pacific salmon and the sustainability of their populations and sheries. The Pacific salmon life-history unfolds over hundreds if not thousands of km, connecting vast watersheds with the oceans. By understanding what influences Pacific salmon populations, their research can help inform decisions and management practices that enable salmon and salmon sheries to continue to thrive. More broadly, he is interested in the relationship between people, water, and biodiversity.