Jonn Axsen

Associate Professor

778 782-9365

Jonn Axsen is the co-director of the Energy and Materials Research Group (EMRG), with which he is currently developing the Sustainable Transportation Research Team (START). His research program focuses on several aspects of sustainable energy, behaviour and policy, including four broad themes: adoption of pro-environmental technology, pro-environmental motivations (social in uence, lifestyle and values), citizen acceptance of energy technology and policy, and modeling effective low-carbon technology and policy.

His research program is highly interdisciplinary by design; to match the context of a particular environmental problem and set of research questions, he draws from behavioral theories and research methods relating to economics, psychology, sociology, geography, policy and engineering. His research program addresses several different applications and examples of sustainable behaviour, technology and policy—with particular specialization in plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and other alternative fuel vehicles, in addition to the cases of renewable energy, unconventional fossil fuels, and climate policy. Many of his novel contributions to the literature relate to consumer and citizen behaviour, including perceptions, preferences, values and lifestyle in regards to pro- environmental technology and policy.

To date, he has published a total of 21 articles in top-level peer-reviewed journals, three book chapters, 11 academic and industry reports, one magazine article and two Op-Eds, and he has presented his research findings through over 60 academic presentations at a variety of international venues. In 2011, he was awarded the “Young Researcher of the Year Award” by the OECD’s International Transport Forum.