Murray Rutherford

Murray Rutherford is a policy scientist whose research focuses on the human dimensions of environmental policy and planning, and particularly on the values, perspectives, and institutions that shape and govern our relationships with the environment. He uses qualitative and quantitative methods to examine conservation problems and evaluate policy-making processes and outcomes. Recent publications include:

• Joseph, C., T. Gunton, and M. Rutherford. In Press. Good practices for environmental assessment. Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal.

• Stronghill, J., M.B. Rutherford, and W. Haider. 2015. Conservancies in coastal British Columbia: A new approach to protected areas in the traditional territories of First Nations. Conservation and Society 13(1): 39-50.

• Clark, S.G., and M.B. Rutherford (eds.). 2014. Large carnivore conservation: Integrating science and policy in the North American west. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.

Dr. Rutherford is currently engaged in a major collaborative research project with the Metlakatla First Nation, on strategic planning
for cumulative impact assessment in Metlakatla territory. He is
also involved in research on watershed planning and biodiversity conservation policy. He is the Director of the new Paci c Water Research Centre in the Faculty of the Environment.