Sean Markey

Sean Markey is Associate Dean, Faculty of Environment, and an Associate Professor with the School of Resource and Environmental Management at Simon Fraser University. Sean’s research concerns issues of local and regional economic development, community sustainability, rural development, and sustainable infrastructure.

There are a variety of research themes to Sean’s current work in both rural and urban communities. Under the umbrella of rural development, Sean is working with Canadian and international colleagues and communities to investigate rural policy to support resilient and vibrant rural communities, and to better understand the impacts of an increasingly mobile resource sector workforce on rural towns. In the urban setting, Sean is working with colleagues and community partners to implement an ecosystem-based conservation plan within an urban watershed, seeking to understand how we can bring nature back to the city.

Sean has published widely in academic journals and is the co- author of Investing in Place: Economic Renewal in Northern British Columbia (UBC Press 2012) and Second Growth: Community Economic Development in Rural British Columbia (UBC Press, 2005); and co-editor of Seeds of Transition: Convergence of the Social Economy and Sustainable Community Development (Athabasca University Press, forthcoming), and The Next Rural Economies: Constructing Rural Place in Global Economies (Cabi Press, 2010). Sean continues to work with municipalities, non-profit organizations, Aboriginal communities and the business community to promote and develop sustainable forms of community economic development. He serves on the Board of Directors with the Vancity Community Foundation, and is on the Board of the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation.