Suzana Dragicevic



Dr. Suzana Dragićević has acquired over 25 years of academic experience focusing on geographic information systems and science (GIS), more particularly in the areas of GeoComputation and GeoSimulation. Her research program is theoretically situated within the multi-disciplinary domains of complexity science, computational intelligence, soft computing and GIS for the analysis and modeling of complex dynamic geographical systems. The main objective is to continue advancing scientific understanding and knowledge about the human-environment interactions and mechanisms associated with environmental change processes by developing novel simulation modeling approaches and tools that would improve decision-making and management. Application areas include land-use/land-cover change, urban growth, forestry, landscape ecology and their relationships to overall environmental planning and management.

The research is conducted in the Spatial Analysis and Modeling (SAM) Research Laboratory at the Geography Department, SFU, that has been established since 2001 as an excellent collaborative hub for training students at all levels. Dr. Dragićević has published over 70 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters, conference papers, encyclopedia entries, journal editorials and book reviews. She co-edited the books “Collaborative GIS” (Idea Group Inc., 2006) and “Advances in Web-based GIS, Mapping Services and Applications” (CRC Press, 2011). In addition, Dr. Dragićević is co-editor of the Springer book series on “Advances in Geographic Information Science”; associate editor for the Landscape and Urban Planning and the Geomatica journals; member of numerous international journal editorial boards and international conference program committees. She is involved as director of the SFU Esri Canada Centre of Excellence (ECCE) established in 2014 as one of seven across Canada forming a GIS research network.