Tracy Brennand


Tracy Brennand is a geomorphologist and director of the Paleoglaciology Research Group. Her research focuses on improving our understanding of how the storage and movement of meltwater over, through, under or away from ice sheets modulates ice dynamics, and contributes to landscape change. The generation and routing of meltwater as present-day ice sheets decay due to global warming is a key uncertainty in discussions of the impacts and drivers of future climate and sea level change.

Whereas the meltwater systems of present-day ice sheets are difficult to access and investigations spatially restricted, the landscapes of past ice sheets record past ice sheet response to similar climate forcing and provide a more accessible and spatially extensive means to address these uncertainties. Her current research has three strands:

Remote predictive mapping (morphogenetic mapping) of glacial landforms in order to test hypotheses of landform genesis, to verify numerical ice sheet models, and to improve aggregate and mineral exploration.

Quantification of the amount of water stored in proglacial
lakes at the margins of the last Cordilleran Ice Sheet (CIS) and determination of when and how they drained in order to provide verification data for numerical models of ice sheet decay, and allow assessment of landscape change associated with these events.

• Testing the stagnation hypothesis for decay of the last CIS
against field observations.

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