Return-to-Work Webforms

Researchers, instructors, and administrative personnel may APPLY to resume activity on campus or in the field in accordance with Provincial, University, and unit-level Guidelines.  The expectation is that all work that can be done remotely will continue to be done remotely – this application procedure applies to essential work that cannot be readily accommodated remotely.  Essential return-to-work activities include work that can be grouped into four general portfolios:

  1. Research on Campus – e.g., researchers that require access to critical laboratory equipment or bench work.
  2. Fieldwork (research- and teaching-related activities) – e.g., researchers conducting field work; instructors filming virtual fieldtrips.
  3. Teaching Activities (on-campus preparatory work for the Summer, 2021 semester) – e.g., instructors filming lab demonstrations for Fall, 2020 courses.
  4. Administrative Work – e.g., staff supporting the above activities (on campus).

Below, there are four redirect links that will direct you to application forms that are specific to each of the four work portfolios; each application form being customized to the specific work function (i.e., if you are applying to return-to-work for administrative work, you will not be faced with paperwork and protocols that pertain to return-to-work for fieldwork activities).

All application procedures include a Return-To-Work request form (one of the webforms linked below), a unit specific COVID-19 Safety Plan (in compliance with WorkSafe BC) and confirmation of SFU EHRS COVID-19 Awareness and Safe Return to Work Training; fieldwork applications also require the submission of a COVID-19 Field Activity Plan.

All applications require approvals from your unit Chair or Director and the Dean; applications for research activities (on campus or in the field) also require approval from the Office of the Vice President, Research.



Please use the webform below if you would like to make an amendment to your Return-to-Work application, either: (i) applications still under review for approval (i.e., if you have forgotten to include some information); or, (ii) applications that have been approved (e.g., if you need to add or remove personnel from your application; if you need to add or remove workspaces from your application; etc.).

Please be detailed and specific in your amendment request.