About Us

Our Vision

To be the leading Faculty of Environment, defined by its preeminent, community-engaged educational and research contributions to shaping a just and sustainable world.


Our Guiding Values

The Faculty of Environment’s core values support:

  • A realistic but positive, hopeful vision of a just and sustainable world;
  • An understanding of “environment” that includes diverse processes across both natural landscapes and sustainable human settlements;
  • Teaching, learning and research that are innovative, impactful, academically rigorous, collaborative, discipline-based as well as interdisciplinary;
  • Indigenization and community engagement as integral, rather than supplementary to teaching, learning and environmental research;
  • An experience that is rewarding and inspiring to students, staff, faculty, alumni, sponsors and community members;
  • The promotion of social and environmental justice, equity and well-being at all levels, from hiring practices to research engagement.


Overview of Academic Programs