Environmental Science

Faculty of Environment alumnus Tesicca Truong battles for a voice at the BC legislature

September 01, 2020

Tesicca Truong (BSc, Environmental Science Honours) is running for election as the NDP candidate in the liberal stronghold riding of Vancouver-Langara in next month’s election. Never being one to sit on the sidelines as a student, this move to centre court is not surprising. Graduating in 2018 as the Dean’s Medal recipient, Tesicca fearlessly pursued her studies demonstrating a passion for sustainability, climate and community.

With a brilliant skill for turning words into action, she co-founded CityHive, a non-profit organization emphasizing the need for youth voices in civic planning before she even graduated. CityHive runs on the idea that youth should be part of these processes since the decisions we make today will likely impact them for the rest of their lives.

Tesicca has a few years of building coalitions for sustainability under her belt now so running for office seems like a natural step for this serial changemaker. 

At a time when housing, climate change, and COVID-19 are at the forefront, Tesicca says she is “ready to be a champion for the people of Vancouver-Langara, and work on a people-first recovery plan for B.C.”, according to her campaign website. She is blazing a trail for youth in politics.


The British Columbia general election is on October 24th. To find out where you can vote, click here.