Roundtable Dialogues on Sustainability Solutions

The roundtable format brings stakeholders with diverse sets of interests and concerns together to explore important questions, identify shared values and create synergies for new ways of action on difficult public issues. The format emphasizes informed dialogue to produce evidence-based participatory policy recommendations on critical issues.

2016 – 2017 Roundtable Series: “Water Sustainability Solutions”

The World Economic Forum identifies the water crisis today as the top global risk. While in most of British Columbia we have adequate water supply to meet our increasing demands, it is imperative that we radically alter the way we use, manage and share this essential natural resource. In this series of Roundtables on Water Sustainability Policy, water uses in Canada are explored from four perspectives.

This invitation-only series will be on interest to municipal government managers, civil society leaders, policy analysts and water researchers and public engagement specialists.

Each roundtable will be accompanied by a public event – check back here for details.

Sponsored by SFU’s Pacific Water Research Centre in the Faculty of Environment, The Fraser Basin Council and other partners.

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