Workshops 2017

Integrating Sustainability into Organizations

This series of workshops is for managers and organizational leaders in organizations responsible for integrating sustainability into their systems and operations. These workshops are taught at SFU's Vancouver campus by leading experts, including SFU faculty, and offer theory with practical tools for embedding sustainability into public sector agencies, small business and not-for-profit enterprises.

Natural Resources Planning Using the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation

Instructor: Abby Hook
One-day workshop
Friday, September 22, 2017

Local governments are continuously faced with the challenge to sustain healthy, natural environments while also meeting the immediate needs of their communities. However urban growth and functioning natural resources do not have to compete against each other; many of these challenges can be overcome through creative partnerships, collaboration, and the identification of multi-benefit opportunities. The practice of collaborative planning and “governance” has emerged amid growing evidence that where public polices that incorporate diverse community perspectives, results are more achievable and sustainable than top-down, centralized decision-making models.

This workshop will introduce concepts for collaborative strategic planning that results in environmental gain and human well being. Participants will be introduced to the five-step adaptive management framework referred to as “Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation”.

Conservation practitioners have only recently begun using rigorous approaches to link actions to anticipated results using performance metrics. In contrast, other industries, from accounting to medicine to manufacturing, have developed streamlined processes, standard practices, and knowledge banks that allow those industries to work efficiently, leverage prior knowledge, interact with each other, and prove the value of their products and services to customers and investors.

Registration will begin mid-April. 

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