Undergraduate admission

Where do I start?

The Facutly of Environment offers three degree programs: Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Science; and Bachelor of Environment (the only one in Canada!).

Which to choose? 

Science is your passion? Consider our Environmental Science or Phyical Geography programs; their first two years involve not just their own courses, but also Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Calculus to give you a solid scienctific base on which to further your environment-related studies. You could also look at Archaeology while you're at it as they offer lab-based courses in forensic sciences. 

Interested in learning a little bit of science but mostly concerned with the social and human aspects of the environment? Consider a Bachelor of Environment. You can inform policy development at various levels with your knowledge of environmental sciences and studies in social sciences and humanities. 

Interested in the social sciences that relate to human / environment interactions? Geography offers two streams in their Bachelor of Arts (BA) programs and Archaeology also offers a BA. 

Note that when you apply for admission, you are given the option of choosing two programs: your first and second choices. It is not advisable to choose the same degree program from the same faculty in both options, as that the admission requirements are identical. Instead, make your first and second choices in different degrees or faculties; if you need any help, feel free to contact our advisors

See the full list of our undergraduate offerings here

Admission requirements

Admission for undergraduate students is handled centrally. Please follow the links to learn more about admission to SFU:

Note that if you're interested in the Sustainable Business program, it is recommended that you first apply to SFU via Beedie School of Business. (Make your second choice the Bachelor of Environment on the admission page.)

SFU-Douglas dual degree program

SFU and Douglas College have established a partnership that will allow you to move freely and easily between both institutions to complete the requirements of a Bachelor degree from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Environment or the Faculty of Science at SFU. You'll get the best of both worlds — enjoy the unique benefits of studying in both a smaller college environment and a larger university setting.

Already admitted?

Financial aid

For complete details on financial matters, consult with Financial Aid and Awards.