Invited Presentations and Symposium Objectives

The Herring School, a Hakai Network group of researchers at SFU, invited Drs. Ellen Pikitch and Tim Essington to share their research on ecosystem-based approaches to fisheries management with British Columbians active in herring research and management. Both researchers used case studies to demonstrate how scientific guidance can be used to implement ecosystem-based approaches for forage fisheries, including the use of specific goals, targets or thresholds that consider the crucial role of these low trophic level species in marine ecosystems.

After these presentations, invited researchers, resource managers, industry representatives, stewardship groups and First Nations discussed the potential for ecosystem-based measures, such as those outlined by the invited speakers, for the herring fisheries of British Columbia. Based on local science, experience and knowledge, our goal was to advance EBM for forage fisheries in Canada by addressing the specific challenges, feasibility and methods for implementation of herring EBM. The Herring School looks forward to building interdisciplinary collaboration through these presentations and discussions.

RESOURCE MATERIALS from the workshop include:

Detailed Agenda

Videof the morning presentions on Herring School Research and invited guest speakers, Drs. Ellen Pikitch and Tim Essington

PDFs of Presentations

   Dr. Margot Hessing-Lewis, Hakai Network, Simon Fraser University

       • Introduction, herring as ecological subsidies, larval herring and oceanography

    Dr. Dana Lepofsky, Professor, Archaeology, Simon Fraser University

       • Herring as a cultural keystone; archaeology, anthropology & genetics, policy  & governance

     Alisha Gauvreau, Archeaology MSc Candidate, Simon Fraser University

       • Heiltsuk herring management through time

     Wanli Ou, Resource and Environmental Management MSc Candidate, Simon Fraser University

       • Adaptive management and herring egg transplantation

     Dr. Anne Salomon, Professor, Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University

     • Spatial extent of herring spawn though time; Heiltsuk traditional ecological knowledge

     Luke Rogers, Hakai Network Herring School Research Associate, Simon Fraser University

       • Identifying drivers of patterns in herring productivity in  BC

     Brittany Keeling, Resource and Environmental Management MSc Candidate, Simon Fraser University

       • Informing herring stock assessment models with local ecology

      Mark Wunsch, Hakai Network Herring School Outreach & Greencoast Media

       • Telling the herring story

Dr. Tim Essington, Professor, Aquatic Sciences, University of Washington

      •Application of Ecosystem-Based Management on Forage Fish

Dr. Ellen Piktich, Professor and Director, Institute for Ocean Conservation Science, Stony Brook University, NY

       • A Report from Lenfest Forage Fish Task Force

       • Herring as a Cultural Keystone


Flip Chart Notes from Discussions

    • Discussion Group A

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    • Discussion Group B

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    • Summary of Knowledge Gaps

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