Herring School 2012 Workshop

Where are we?  Where do we want to go?

September 4, 2012, Simon Fraser University

On September 4th, 2012 some of the herring schoolers gathered to share updates on their research projects and herring activities and to discuss future directions.  Participants included members of the Heiltsuk First Nation, the Gladstone Team, Bella Bella residents, Qqs Projects Society, ngos, environmental consultants, videographers and scientists and social scientists from SFU, UBC, University of Guelph, and University of Washington.



Listed below is the agenda with links to presentations (when available) and audio files of the sessions.

Welcome and Introductions (Dana Lepofsky, Workshop Moderator, Professor, Department of Archaeology, SFU) Audio File

Gladstone team update (Reg Moody, Member, Gladstone Reconciliation Team, Heiltsuk Nation and Carrie Humchit, Legal Counsel, Heiltsuk Tribal Council) Audio File: scroll to time stamp 16:20

Oceanography update (Evgeny Pakhomov, Professor, Earth and Ocean Sciences, UBC) Powerpoint Presentation Audio File: scroll to time stamp 51:44

Gladstone Science update (Gary Vigers, Consultant) Powerpoint Presentation  Audio File: scroll to time stamp 1:20:05

Media and Outreach Update (Mark Wunsch, Media Producer and Communication Consultant and Kathy Brown, Heiltsuk First Nation) Audio File: scroll to time stamp 1:06

Natural Science: Pacific herring subsidize coastal socio-ecological systems  (Margot Hessing-Lewis, Hakai Scholar, SFU; Caroline Fox,Universit of Victoria and Britt Keeling, Hakai Scholar, SFU) Powerpoint Presentation  Audio File: scroll to time stamp 38:50

Overview of Herring Social Science programme  (Jen Silver, Professor,Geography, University of Guelph, Powerpoint Presentation; Alisha Gauvreau, Hakai Scholar, SFU, Powerpoint Presentation; Wanli Ou, Hakai Scholar, SFU,Powerpoint Presentation, and Maria Shallard, University of Guelph)  Audio File: scroll to time stamp 1:28:40

Heiltsuk TEK interviews (Margot Hessing-Lewis for Anna Gerrard and Anne Salomon) Audio File: scroll to time stamp :27

Archaeology update  (Iain McKechnie, PhD Candidate, Department of Archeaology, UBC) Audio File: scroll to time stamp 13:50

DNA update (Lorenz Hauser, Professor, University of Washington) Powerpoint Presentation  Audio File: scroll to time stamp 34:00

More science updates (Tony Pitcher, Fisheries Centre, UBC)  Audio File: scroll to time stamp 56:05

Assessing alternative hypotheses of decline (Brendan Connors, Post Doctoral Fellow, SFU and Luke Rogers)  Audio File: scroll to time stamp 1:07:19

General discussion.  Break up into smaller groups as needed.