Looking to fulfill breadth requirements? Interested in courses focusing on pressing social and environmental issues we face today? 

Check out the following courses running this spring, hand-selected by our departmental advisors. Course enrolment for spring 2023 begins November 7.

GEOG 221 - Economic Worlds

Breadth - Social Sciences
Instructor: Rosemary Collard
Prerequisite: GEOG 100

The overarching theme of this course is economic inequality and how it plays out spatially in repetitive distributions of wealth, industry, and jobs. Why does inequality persist – and why in some places and not others?

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EVSC 395 - Special Topics: Air Quality

Instructor: Arvind Saraswat
Prerequisite: EVSC 100, MATH 150, 151 or 154, PHYS 101 or 120, 60 units, or permission from instructor

Get an introduction to all aspects of air quality management, including key air contaminants, air quality and health, regulatory framework, ambient monitoring, source assessment and emerging air quality issues.

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ARCH 273 - Archaeology of the New World

Breadth - Social Sciences
Instructor: Rudy Reimer
Prerequisite: ARCH 100, 101 or 201

Learn about the peopling of the New World, the rise of the pre-Columbian civilizations of Mexico and Peru, and the cultural adaptations by prehistoric populations to other parts of the New World.

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Breadth - Social Sciences
Instructor: Tammara Soma

Introduces the challenges and opportunities for developing sustainable communities and a sustainable world, through the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and alternative perspectives around sustainability.

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