New Student Zoom Socials

Are you a newly admitted FENV student? Catch up on our recorded Zoom Socials where we talk to first year professors and meet some of your peers!


April 21st 2021

In this recording we meet Archaeology professor Dennis Sandgathe, who discusses cave excavations that SFU researchers are involved in - some have been featured in National Geographic! We are also joined by some of our current students that are peer mentors.

April 7th 2021

In this social we are joined by 1st year professor Andrew Perkins who talks about earthquakes, and how it is covered in courses like GEOG 111. We also hear from the Environment Co-operative Education Coordinator Paul Degrace, and get some first hand accounts from current Co-Op students!

March 24th 2021

In this recording we hear from 1st year professor Brendan Murphy, where he chats about his research on wildfire impacts. Current SFU students also join to talk about getting involved in clubs and departmental student unions.

March 10th 2021 

In this social we are joined by 1st year professor Pascal Haegeli, who discusses REM 100. We also hear from current students who discuss their experience balancing courses and favourites from inside and outside of their programs.