Student Support

A student award is an investment in people, in education, in society – it is an investment with guaranteed returns.

Student awards ensure young people can access higher education. Scholarships support exceptional undergraduate and graduate students, and bursaries support those requiring financial assistance, particularly first-generation learners. Awards foster a spirit of community-engaged learning.

Benefits to You

Your private award at Simon Fraser University can celebrate a milestone, birthday or anniversary, perpetuate the memory of someone dear, raise the profile of your company among our student and faculty populations, or recognize a special achievement (such as volunteerism) to inspire and encourage those qualities in others.  Simon Fraser University is honoured to be a part of your philanthropic goals.

Existing Awards

Faculty of Environment

Graduate Awards

  • The Jim Fulton Memorial Endowment Fund provides a bursary for a graduate student currently enrolled in a masters or doctoral program in the Faculty of Environment.
  • The Canadian Pacific/Teck Resources Endowment Fund supports graduate students in the Faculty of Environment who are pursuing or intend to pursue research that focuses on finding innovative solutions or approaches to environmental challenges and sustainability.
  • The Wayne Goeson Graduate Memorial Award provides funding to graduate students in the Faculty of Environment or the Faculty of Science who are conducting research related to the ecology and conservation of fish and their aquatic habitats, with preference for focus on salmon or steelhead and freshwater ecosystems.
  • The Patricia Gallaugher Award in Coastal Science Management provides funding for graduate students conducting community-engaged research that informs policy and/or influences marine or environmental conservation. 
  • The Simons Foundation Graduate Awards in the Faculty of Environment provide support for graduate students enrolled full time in the Faculty of Environment.  Preference is given to students conducting research in sustainable development (from local to global scales), environmental and water security, environmental science, and/or ethics and best practices.

Undergraduate Awards

  • The Alix Vikki Patterson Bursary in the Faculty of Environment provides a bursary for Faculty of Environment students.  Preference is given to football players in the Faculty of Environment. 
  • The Harvey and Dorothy Burt Bursary Endowment Fund provides a bursary for students in the areas of conservation or environmental protection.  Preference is given to Canadian undergraduate students in their third or fourth year of studies.

Department of Archaeology

Graduate Awards

  • The Alexia Sepideh Kiaii Memorial Endowment supports a graduate student in Archaeology.
  • The Roy L. Carlson Graduate Scholarship in Prehistoric British Columbia Archaeology provides support for a graduate student in Archaeology, whose research is on the prehistoric archaeology of B.C.
  • The Dr. Jack Nance Memorial Graduate Scholarship in supports a graduate student at Simon Fraser University who is pursuing a graduate degree in Archaeology.
  • The Dr. J.V. Christensen Graduate Scholarship provides support for a graduate student who is pursuing, or intends to pursue, a graduate degree in History or Archaeology.

Undergraduate Awards

  • The Ingrid Nystrom Archaeology Award is awarded to an undergraduate student majoring in Archaeology who will be using the award to further his/her studies in Archaeology or Physical Anthropology.
  • The Robin Mercer Memorial Bursary is for an undergraduate student majoring in Archaeology who intends to use the award to help defray travel costs to participate in field research in Archaeology or Physical Anthropology.
  • The Brian Williamson Memorial Endowment supports an undergraduate student majoring in Archaeology who intends to use the award to help defray travel costs to participate in field research.
  • The Katie Young Award provides support for an undergraduate student in Archaeology.

Department of Geography

Graduate Awards

  • The Geography Graduate Entrance Scholarship provides support for a student entering an M.A. or PhD program in Geography.

Undergraduate Awards

  • The Dr. Warren Gill Memorial Endowment is for a third year undergraduate student majoring in Human Geography who demonstrates leadership and/or service within the University community or in representing Simon Fraser University to the community at large.
  • The Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Sommer Geography/Earth Sciences Endowment alternates each semester between undergraduate students majoring in Geography and students majoring in Earth Sciences.  It is for a third year undergraduate student.
  • The Owen Hertzman Memorial Scholarship is for a third or fourth year student majoring in a Physical Geography stream.
  • The Polly Evenden Bursary in geography education provides financial assistance to a student who has completed a bachelor’s degree from SFU with a major in Geography, is entering the Professional Development Program in the Faculty of Education and intends to teach Geography upon completion of the program.
  • The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) Endowment supports undergraduate students in the Certificate in Urban Studies.

Fieldwork Funds

  • The Geography Undergraduate Fieldwork Fund provides support for fieldwork within courses across all branches of geography.  Funds from this endowment help cover the practical costs of any field activity with emphasis upon providing field experience for undergraduates enrolled in upper division Geography courses.

School of Resource and Environmental Management

Graduate Awards

  • The Chad Day Graduate Endowment provides financial support for a graduate student in the School of Resource and Environmental Management, specializing in environmental and resource management in BC.
  • The VanCity Environmental Graduate Scholarship provides financial support for a student enrolled in the Resource and Environmental Management program who is researching environmental and resource management problems in BC.
  • The Wolfgang Haider Memorial Graduate Award provides financial support to graduate students in the Resource and Environmental Management Program who are conducting research related to human dimensions of natural resource use. Preference is given to candidates working in developing country contexts.

Environmental Science Program

Undergraduate Awards

  • Ron MacLeod Environmental Science Endowment provides scholarships to third or fourth year undergraduate students in the Environmental Science Program.
  • The Blue Planet Links Foundation Bursary provides support for undergraduate students majoring in Environmental Science.  Preference is given to students with a declared concentration in water science or a declared Sustainable Business joint major.

Types of Student Awards


Scholarship is disbursed to a student in recognition of outstanding academic achievement.  Scholarship students have a CGPA of 3.5 or higher.  For the very brightest students, the availability of scholarships is often the deciding factor in determining which university to attend.  Prestigious awards in support of certain areas of study can help Simon Fraser University compete effectively for the very brightest minds.


Undergraduate Research Prizes (URP's) are intended to recognize and provide financial assistance to outstanding undergraduate students who will be carrying out research projects not for credit, during any term under the supervision of a faculty member in the specific department at Simon Fraser University. The goal of the prize is to allow undergraduate students the opportunity to obtain research experience with SFU research faculty.


Bursaries ensure that no student is turned away from university because of financial reasons.  A bursary is a financial award that is given to a student who is experiencing financial need.  Students submit their financial information to a means test that assesses the amount of funding that they need in order to maintain a modest standard of living.  Bursary recipients are always full-time students performing at a satisfactory academic level who are financing their education with student loans.


An Award is given in recognition of special qualities like volunteer involvement in the community, or distinguished intellectual, cultural, social, or athletic contributions to university life.  We are proud to recognize those who enrich the spirit of our campus community with these achievements.

If you are interested in supporting the Faculty of Environment, please contact:

Wanda Dekleva
Director of Advancement
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