Sustainability Mentorship Program

Making meaningful connections between SFU’s Sustainability Mentors and Secondary School Environment Clubs in B.C.

By setting and achieving well-defined sustainability goals, Environment Clubs (ECs) in secondary schools across the province are already making a difference in their own schools and communities in countless ways. Adding the assistance of a mentor who has studied in the Environment field could see these goals expanded upon and lead to further successes in achieving sustainability within the schools, as defined by the ECs, and create an opportunity for leadership development and growth within the ECs.

SFU’s Sustainability Mentors can offer assistance in numerous ways: by hosting workshops to develop skills in the ECs area of need, facilitating connections to local experts and knowledge centers, and sharing their own expertise, to name a few. With access to this much wider network, the ECs may be able to increase the scope of their own projects and bring about more positive change in their home community. 

Ultimately, our goal is to empower the EC's members, to assist them in developing their own networks and resources for their current and future projects. 

Upon completion of the program, secondary school participants will receive a certificate recognizing their work.

SFU Mentors

SFU's mentors are passionate about the environment and want to share their skills, education and experience to support the Environment Clubs set and met their sustainability-related goals. Upon completion of the program mentors receive recognition on their co-curricular record through MyInvolvement.

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