Support the Faculty of Health Sciences

Established in 2005, the Faculty of Health Sciences at SFU was created to provide public health training and population health research in an age where the global burden of disease is increasing. To date, our health scientists remain at the forefront of providing evidence-based solutions to complex health problems. They are also passionate educators who impart disease prevention and health promotion skills to our undergraduate and graduate students. 

We are the only Faculty of Health Sciences that brings researchers and students across social, environmental and biological disciplines together to address pressing health issues.

We have outlined a few initiatives for you to consider supporting below.

Promoting the Health of Mothers and Children

  • BC Healthy Connections Project: A randomized controlled trial of a pioneering service to improve the health of first-time, young pregnant women and newborn babies living in poverty.
  • ATLAS: An internet-based project using infographics and videos to help the public understand scientific evidence on how exposures to environmental toxins impact the health of children.
  • Origins of Health and Diseases: A longitudinal study whch examines the effects of social, biological and environmental stressors in reproductive women on fetal development.

Chronic & Infectious Disease

  • Cancer Cells and Therapeutics: After a significant discovery on how cancer cells metastasize, the research team has now embarked on the pre-clinical trial of therapeutics for breast, prostate and lung cancers.
  • Mental Health, Homelessness and Addictions: The From Risk to Resilience study aims to devise prevention strategies and cost-effective interventions that enable individuals to recover and thrive despite early disadvantages.
  • First Nations Health Authority Chair in Heart Health and Wellness: New initiatives to address health disparities and promote holistic healing are undertaken in partnership with local regional health authorities, clinicians and First Nations communities.

Global Health

  • HIV/AIDS: SFU Health Sciences researchers are leading a large team of collaborators from sub-Saharan Africa to investigate better safe contraceptive strategies for couples with HIV/AIDS.
  • Global Health Governance: One of our health sciences researchers who holds the Canada Research Chair in Global Health, is leading a team of international collaborators to improve global health infrastructure and the coordination of health services to better tackle global health risks and emergencies.
  • Student Experiential Initiative: An endowment fund would enable students to undertake internships or research with local and international NGOs and health organizations in Canada to gain experience in health system development and health care services delivery.

We are actively looking for engaged and committed partners who care as much as we do about improving the health landscape for Canadians and populations spanning the globe. To find out more about how you can partner with us, please contact:

Faculty of Health Sciences Coordinator, Communications & Marketing