Graduate Students

Speak to an advisor

Make an appointment with Kellie Smith if you are seeking guidance in support of your academic progress and degree completion.

  • Email (please include your full name and student number).
  • Phone 778-782-3831.


Graduate Course Offerings

Need help planning your semesters? Take a look at the list of current and future course outlines.

  • The list of future graduate course offerings can be accessed here.
  • The list of current and past graduate course outlines can be accessed here.


Program Requirements

Check the requirements for the Master of Public Health (MPH), Master of Science (MSc), or the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program here.

  • Check here for the requirements to complete an MPH.
  • Check here for the requirements to complete an MSc in health sciences.
  • Check here for the requirements to complete a PhD in health sciences.

Graduate Student Handbook

Need help navigating through policies and procedures as a graduate student? We have created a handbook that connects you with the wide range of campus offices and professionals dedicated to supporting graduate students.

You can access the graduate student handbook here.

Graduate Student Forms

Need to request for a course waiver or complete a directed readings course? Find the forms and documents that you may need linked below.

All forms and documents required by incoming and current health sciences graduate students can be accessed here.   

Grad Caucus

The Faculty of Health Sciences Graduate Student Caucus is a student-run organization that builds connections among health sciences graduates students, and liases with the faculty and the university on behalf of students.

Learn more about the Faculty of Health Sciences Graduate Student Caucus here.

Funding Opportunities

Health sciences students are eligible for a variety of awards. Find the information you need to apply for these awards linked below.

A list of funding opportunities for current students in the MPH, MSc, and/or PhD programs in the Faculty of Health Sciences can be accessed here.