Class Cancellation Procedures


Class Cancellation Procedures

If there are extenuating circumstances and you need to cancel a class or will arrive late (eg. more than 10 minutes), in addition to notifying students directly, please contact FHS staff so we can take steps to inform students on campus, such as posting a notice on the door or going into the class to make an announcement. If the class is cancelled or a significant portion of class is missed, you will need to make alternate arrangements to ensure that students receive the required amount of contact hours for the course.  

If you need to cancel or will be late for an undergraduate course, please contact:

If you need to cancel or will be late for a graduate course, please contact:

  • Robyn Bailey (Associate Director, Education Programs and Equity) at  778 782-9910 or,
  • If Robyn is not available, please contact Jen Van Rassel (Program Assistant/Graduate Secretary) at 778-782-7036 or


University Closures

Weather Related Closures

The SFU Burnaby campus is susceptible to snow and severe weather that can affect campus operations leading to class cancellations in comparison to the Vancouver and Surrey campuses. In the event of severe weather, the university will rely on reports from Environment Canada, TransLink, and observe conditions at each campus to determine if it is safe for the normal operation of university services. Decisions related to class cancellations and campus closures are made by the SFU president per GP 04 Unscheduled Cancellations of Classes.

If a campus closure is deemed appropriate, communications will be sent to the SFU community through SFU Alerts channels. Be sure to download the SFU Snap app on your mobile device and enable push notifications.

For the most current updates on class and campus status updates follow and @SFU on Twitter. If extreme weather is forecasted, updates will be provided on these channels by 6:30 AM.

For more information on weather reports at SFU, click here. Also visit the Road Report information for the latest on campus weather conditions.


SFU Alerts

SFU Alerts is a suite of urgent notification systems that allows the university to quickly notify students, faculty, and staff using a variety of methods. Click here to learn how to sign up for alerts. 


Urgent Notifications

Urgent notifications include any security or safety situation that requires you to leave or avoid an area of the university.

In the case of closures due to severe weather such as snow, the university community will be advised via email notification, SFU Twitter, the SFU website, and on-campus digital screens.