Graduate Programs Overview

The Faculty of Health Sciences strives for excellence in teaching and learning within the graduate programs through the inclusion of interdisciplinary perspectives and scholarly activities and active community engagement and partnership. The Faculty graduate programs are committed to a focus on social justice and addressing social and health inequities with the aim of improving the health and well-being of individuals and populations nationally and globally. This includes addressing the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action and the SFU Aboriginal Reconciliation Council.

Graduate degree options:

NEW MPH Curriculum: Students applying for Fall 2019 will benefit from a revised and integrated core curriculum that provides a cohesive pathway through the MPH program. This is complemented by a range of practicum placements, and flexible opportunities for advanced learning in areas of interest through additional course offerings and a culminating capstone project or MPH thesis. Our new MPH curriculum reflects our core values and prepares our students for dynamic public health practice.

Click on these links to find out why you should complete your MPH, MSc or PhD at SFU.  


Graduates emerging from our programs in Health Sciences will possess valuable critical thinking skills, applied problem-solving abilities, both quantitative and qualitative methods competencies, as well as communication, organizational and leadership capabilities that are essential for a wide range of employment and career opportunities in the public sector, the community more broadly, industry or academia both locally and globally. Contact Brenda Badgero, our career education manager from Career Services for further information. 

Funding and costs

We are pleased to offer a range of funding opportunities to all of our graduate students.  See the tuition and funding sections for each program for more information. See how much it typically costs to do a graduate degree at SFU through by looking at a breakdown of the typical costs per term for graduate domestic and international students, and try the cost of living calculator.

Apply to complete an accelerated master's

If you are excelling in your bachelor's degree at SFU, you might be eligible for the accelerated master's program in FHS.  The program allows you to take up to 10 units of graduate level course work during your bachelor's degree and apply the units to both programs. Learn more.

Take courses as a non-degree student

If you would like to take one or two courses, but do not want to complete a degree you can apply to be a non-degree student.  If you take courses as a non-degree student, you will not be able to use the units towards any SFU degree in the future.  For more information or to apply contact

More information

Please review the program information pages and the application process and if you have questions, please contact us: 

MPH program:

MSc/PhD programs: