Graduate Programs Overview

The Faculty of Health Sciences currently offers three interdisciplinary graduate programs:

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of facilities does the Faculty of Health Sciences provide its graduate students?

Blusson Hall is home to the Faculty of Health Sciences.  Graduate Students will find open concept research labs, large lecture halls and seminar rooms, a large graduate student lounge, an office devoted to student networks provided with a computer, office space supporting Teaching Assistants (with either a computer and access to printers wireless access for laptop computer use) basic office supplies for TA's, and support services including audio visual equipment.  Mail boxes and lockers are available to our students, as well as 95 workstations supported with wireless access for lap tops as well as a portion of workstations that are hard wired for desktop or laptop connections.

FHS has a 36 workstation computing lab.  Each computer has the most recent versions of SPSS, SAS, and the Microsoft Office suite of programs.  Printing facilities are available in the lab for a nominal printing charge.The lab is also outfitted for core teaching with a ceiling mounted projector and teaching podium.

Can course credits be tranferred from another university or college?

A single course cannot count toward two degree programs.  However a course may be considered an equivalent if it does not apply toward another degree program, and it is considered a course equivalent.  Only admitted students will be considered for course transfer.  Students requesting course transfer credit must provide the graduate program coordinator a course syllabus, complete a course waiver form, and provide a rationale for their request.  Following approval by the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC), a request is made to the Dean of Graduate Studies ro record the transfer credit on a student's transcipt.

Can the MSc or the MPH degree be completed by distance education?

NO. At present, the Faculty of Health Sciences does not offer on-line instruction.

Does FHS offer evening or weekend courses?

NO. At present the Faculty of Health Sciences does not offer evening or weekend courses, though this may change in the near future.

Can graduate students change their senior supervisor?

YES. MPH and MSc students can change supervisors.

To ensure incoming MPH students make contact with faculty early on in their academic life, MPH students are assigned senior supervisors.  Supervisors are temporarily assigned, pending clarity around the practicum (the goals and outcomes), and the student’s research and practitioner goals.  By the end of the Fall semester, students are expected to formally declare their senior supervisor.

To be considered for admission, MSc students require the support of a senior supervisor.   They are assigned to that supervisor following admission to the program and MSc students will work with that supervisor to determine their course work.

To declare a senior supervisor or to change senior supervisors, a student must complete a Supervisory Committee or a Change of Supervisory Committee form that is approved by the senior supervisor and the Director, Graduate Programs.  This form is not formalized until the new supervisory committee has been approved by the office of the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Who can I contact if I have further questions about the graduate programs?

Information on the application process can be found on the FHS website along with other valuable information.