Student Life

Do you have questions about becoming a graduate student in the Faculty of Health Sciences?  Email one of our current students if you'd like more information about student life in our programs!  Questions regarding admission requirements, application procedures, tuition/fees, and funding can be answered by visiting our webpages or directed towards for prospective MPH students and for prospective MSc/PhD students.

Name: Agnetha de Sa

Program: Social Inequities and Health, Master of Public Health 


Hi, I'm Agnetha. Before coming to SFU for the MPH program, I completed a BSc in Cell Biology and Genetics with Life Science Co-op as well as an MSc in Experimental Medicine at UBC. Throughout these degrees, I always found myself thinking of the upstream social determinants of health and the ways in which they influenced health. Following this interest led me to the field of Public Health.

When considering a MPH program, I knew I wanted to attend a University that had an accredited program. Additionally, I thought about how I could pursue my interest in learning more about the social determinant of health, while delving into other areas of public health including environmental and global health. This is what made SFU's MPH program the best fit for me and I hope for you as well! If you feel unsure about what's ahead - remember, you aren't alone! And don't hesitate to ask questions. 

Name: Sreelalitha Gopala Rao Sarojini

Program: Population Health Concentration, Master of Public Health 


I have completed my undergraduate degree in Pharmacy at Osmania University, India. The training I received in India, while working within hospital settings, made me realize the importance of upstream approaches, prevention and health promotion after observing the suffering of critically ill patients on a daily basis. For this very reason, I was firmly determined to go for a Master’s in Public Health. I chose SFU because, it is a highly reputed university, has a well-structured MPH curriculum and of course CEPH accreditation.

Since I moved to Canada, I really enjoyed living in Burnaby and SFU has always been and will continue to be my home away from home. I appreciate the diverse curriculum designed for MPH, which gives the students an opportunity to learn and develop various new skills, both qualitative and quantitative. My areas of interest are infectious diseases and strategies to reduce or prevent antimicrobial resistance. My advice to prospective students would be to enjoy learning new skills, involve with various organizations and start admiring and acknowledging the value when you start to live outside of comfort zones. Finally, I enjoy exploring Vancouver, going on hikes and trying out different cuisines, in my down time.

Name: Stefanie Machado

Program: Global Health, Master of Public Health


I am Indian by origin and was born and raised in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I moved to Canada in 2013 and graduated from Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS, in 2017 with a BSc in Health Promotion, a unique program during which I conducted my honours thesis on international university students’ access to sexual health services. I moved to Vancouver soon after to begin my MPH at SFU and have continued to pursue my interests through the Global Health stream. I completed my practicum doing joint research and community engagement with the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS and the University of California, San Diego, focusing on the sexual and reproductive health of im/migrant and refugee women globally. I absolutely loved it!

I’ve always wanted to find a place to call home in Canada, and I think I may have found it in Vancouver! I love the balance of city and nature here, and living on the coast is where I feel most at home. I grew up constantly traveling, so I love meeting people from different countries and learning about different cultures, which makes this diverse city so great. My time at SFU has also been super enriching. Like most experiences, including my time at Dalhousie, I believe that the MPH program is what you make of it. I would encourage everyone to step outside your comfort zone and embrace the opportunities that come your way. Whether you have a clear passion or goal, or have no idea where you want to be, take the time to explore, learn from others, question everything, take chances, and aim high! 

Name:  Emily Carpenter

Program: Master of Science


I received my BASc (Hons) from the University of Lethbridge in Biology and Philosophy. In my undergrad, I was able to do a lot of travelling for co-ops and independent studies, and I spent time living in both West Africa and Central America. I chose to come to SFU because of the opportunity I had here to do really interesting and important interdisciplinary research. I am now looking at ethical questions about mental health outcomes of natural disasters and the impacts of policy, which is exciting for me. Outside of school, I really love hiking and exploring the natural areas in beautiful Metro Vancouver! I also love music and go see live performances whenever I can.

One of the things I found most helpful (and hardest!) in this program was staying organized! Writing out my deadlines and staying on top of things well in advance (whenever I’m able to) gives me the leeway to better accommodate the unexpected. All of my professors here have been really kind and helpful; it’s always been beneficial to pop into their office hours if I’m unclear about something. And, of course, making time to have fun! For me, nothing works to beat the stress of school like getting off the mountain and having some good laughs with friends, then coming back to work refreshed and reengaged. If you need someone to show you where the prettiest places are around campus, feel free to shoot me an email!

Name: Natalie Kinloch

Program: Master of Science (MSc)


Born and raised in the Vancouver area, I completed my B.Sc. (Honours) in Health Sciences at SFU. In my final years of undergrad, and after stints in various labs at SFU and at BC Cancer Research Centre as part of co-op, I started working in the lab I’m currently doing my M.Sc. in as a Honours student. Our lab focuses on HIV pathogenesis and evolution. I quickly realized how much I loved research and how meaningful it can be to be a part of a wider community of people all putting their heads together to try to help others around the world. Three years later I haven’t left! Outside of the lab, I can be found reading about difference places around the world or out on the pitch playing field hockey.

I deeply value the interdisciplinary nature of the FHS curriculum and feel it has greatly enhanced my learning and understanding of the world and other people in ways that would not have been possible if I exclusively focused on my research work. Learning from my peers during graduate school has been such an enriching experience. I have also been so fortunate to receive incredible mentorship/supervision throughout my research/graduate career and cannot underscore enough the importance and value of this as well. Grad school is an extraordinary time for learning and growth. Follow your interests, listen, take chances, push yourself, have fun!


Name: Milad Parpouchi

Program: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


I completed both my B.A. in Health Sciences and M.P.H. in Population Health at SFU.  During my time in the FHS, I worked, and continue to work, as a member of the Somers Research Group. I have also held various teaching appointments in the FHS. Interdisciplinary research is needed to tackle the complex health problems our world faces. In addition to having phenomenal mentors, the FHS at SFU is comprised of an interdisciplinary curriculum, faculty and culture, which is the reason I chose their PhD program. The interdisciplinary orientation and social determinants of health focus of the PhD curriculum serves as both a highlight of the program and a worthwhile challenge for students to engage in. I am interested in the prevention and control of infectious disease among vulnerable populations, using structural interventions. Outside of campus (and sometimes on campus) I like to play the drums and piano.