Application Information for Undergraduate Programs

Becoming a Health Sciences undergraduate student is a two step process:

  1. Check to see if you fulfill the admission requirements for both SFU and Health Sciences. Note: Admission requirements for BA and BSc are different.
  2. Apply to the Health Sciences program.

Admission requirements

Direct entry from high school

Deatiled admission requirements for the BA and BSc. programs are listed on the SFU Admissions page.

Admission averages fluctuate slightly year to year.

Transfer from other BC colleges

Successful completion of 24 credits is required for admission. Specific admission requirements can be found here

In an effort to facilitate degree completion, students at a BC college are advised to take the following lower division requirements prior to transfer::

  • Introduction to Statistics: STATS 201 or STATS 203 for all students
  • a lower division transferrable Writing intensive course
  • Human Biology: BISC 101 (or HSCI 100 for BA majors if available)
  • Introduction to Sociology or Introduction to Anthropology: SA 101 or SA 150 for BA majors
  • Calculus I (MATH 154) and CHEM 121 for BSc. majors only
  • other courses that would transfer to match the lower division requirements for the Health Sciences major

Entry from other provinces

Please consult the central SFU Admissions page.

To receive transfer credit, detailed course outlines for each course need to be submitted. The process of assigning transfer credit can take up to 8 weeks. 

Entry from elsewhere

International students should consult SFU Admisisons web page.

You must also satisfy the English Language requirements and the Quantitative and Analytical Skills requirement.

Application Information

Getting Started

Application for admission to undergraduate programs in Health Sciences and other faculties at Simon Fraser University is online and centralized through Student Services. For information on programs and application procedures, prospective students should visit the Student Services website.

Every applicant to SFU is admitted into one of 8 faculties (a faculty is an organizational academic unit composed of related/similar teaching departments and headed by a Dean. SFU has eight Faculties: the Faculty of Health Sciences; the Faculty of Applied Sciences; the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences; the Faculty of Business Administration; the Faculty of Education; the Faculty of Environment; the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology; and the Faculty of Science).

Application Deadlines

Admission application deadlines

April 30 Admission to Fall term (September through December)
September 15 Admission to Spring term (January through April)
January 31 Admission to Summer term (May through August)

Entrance scholarship application deadlines

January 31 BC college scholarship application for the Summer term
February 28 High school scholarship application for the Fall term
April 30 BC college scholarship application for the Fall term
September 15 BC college scholarship application for the Spring term