Co-op Program Information

Co-operative (Co-op) education is a program that enhances academic learning with related work experience and represents a co-operative relationship between students, the employer and the University. Co-op students benefit from practical experience in their area of study, as well as career exploration and networking opportunities. Co-op programs provide students with the opportunity to earn money and gain work experience while studying. Any student who is a declared or intended Health Sciences major, and who meets the application criteria, can apply to the Co-op program.

Co-op positions are paid positions, with salaries averaging between the minimum wage to $18 per hour. Out-of-province positions frequently include return airfare. Out-of-country positions sometimes include subsidized accommodation and other benefits.

Benefits of Co-op

Co-op provides students with:

  • The opportunity to try different jobs in different fields in different work environments
  • A chance to see how their academic skills can be transferred to a work environment
  • Money to help pay tuition costs
  • Work references and community experience for graduate and/or professional school applications
  • Participation in career workshops to gain experience in the job application process
  • Job offers from Co-op employers after graduation
  • Increased confidence

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Co-op delay graduation?

Not usually. Simon Fraser University is a tri-semester university, with three academic semesters offered each year. Many students attend classes for two semesters annually, which means that instead of doing a typical summer job, a student can do a Co-op work term related to their area of study. Students do need to assess whether it is to their advantage to graduate quickly or graduate with experience, contacts and even actual job offers.

When can students start Co-op?

Students can pay the Co-op application fee and complete Bridging On Line 1, the two-week on-line Co-op preparation course, as early as their first semester at SFU.

What are the requirements to apply to the Co-op program?

Health Sciences students must have a minimum grade point average of 2.75 to apply to the Co-op program and completed a minimum of 35 credit hours of academic courses at SFU when they apply for their first Co-op work term.

Co-op placements for FHS students are typically with health authorities, health agencies and health organizations locally and provincially, with some national and international opportunities. To find out more about placements. go to

Have more questions? 

Check out the Co-op FAQ page.

Like more information?

Contact Faculty of Health Sciences Co-op Coordinator Isabella Silvestre at 778-782-7632 or at