Welcome to FHS Global Health

The Faculty of Health Sciences, SFU is actively engaged in a wide range of global health teaching and research.  Global health begins with recognition of the greater interconnectedness of health determinants and outcomes in an increasingly globalized world.  This has fuelled interdisciplinary interest within FHS of health needs and responses in countries beyond our own Canadian context; changes to patterns of health and disease worldwide; broad determinants of health that are not confined within national borders and territorial spaces; populations who are vulnerable to changes in health risks; and the governance responses needed to achieve effective collection health action.  

FHS Global Health contributes to the training of public health professionals, researchers and practitioners through taught courses and thesis supervision seeking to work within global health settings.  In addition, research conducted within FHS generates new understandings of the global health challenges faced and the potential interventions for addressing them.


A number of global health courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels enable global health specialization in all of the degree programs offered in the FHS.


Research on global health focuses on a number of areas, from the health of socially and culturally diverse populations, to global health governance and ethics.

Global Health News and Events

For FHS global health events and talks please visit the FHS News & Events Page.

FHS Seminar Series

The FHS Seminar Series includes seminars on a variety of global health topics. Visit the FHS Seminar Series calendar for details.


SFU FHS is an institutional member of of the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research (CCGHR).


FHS Senior Lecturer Dr. Kate Tairyan is the Director of Public Health for Next Generation University (NextGenU), the world’s first free university.

Tobacco-Free SFU

Tobacco-Free SFU is an initiative started in 2013 by students and faculty across SFU. We support the adoption and enforcement of a 100% tobacco-free university campus policy at SFU.  Initially focused on the Burnaby campus, Tobacco-Free SFU also seeks to extend this policy to the Surrey and Vancouver campuses.