Accelerated Master of Public Health (MPH) Program

Basic criteria for admission to an accelerated master’s at SFU

Undergraduate HSCI students at SFU who meet the admission requirements are eligible to apply for the Accelerated Master’s. Applications will be reviewed using the same admission criteria applied for applicants to the regular MPH program. Approved students can apply a maximum of ten (10) graduate course units towards the electives or upper division requirements in the bachelor's program, and the program requirements for a master's program. Learn more about eligibility.

Courses to take during Undergrad that count for undergrad and grad credit

  • HSCI 801-3 Biostatistics for Population Health Practice 1 (instead of STAT 302 or STAT 305)
  • HSCI 802-3 Principles of Epidemiology for Public Health (instead of HSCI 330)
  • HSCI 827-3 Analysis of Health Care Systems (instead of HSCI 305

MPH Accelerated course plan (43 unit program)

Summer - 3 units Fall - 14 units Spring - 11 units + 3 unit project course Summer - 3 units
HSCI 826-3: Program planning and evaluation (online) 

HSCI 835-3: Social Determinants of Health 

HSCI 900-2: Core Concepts and Practice for Public Health I

HSCI 845-3: Environmental and Occupational Health

HSCI 855-3: Health Promotion in Practice

*HSCI elective course - 3 units

*(can choose field course as elective in first or second summer for this or in addition to this) 

HSCI 821-3: Introduction to Global Health 
HSCI 803-3: Qualitative and Survey Research Methods 
HSCI 842-3: Indigenous Health in Canada   
HSCI 901-2: Core Concepts and Practice for Public Health II

HSCI 897-3: MPH Project (April)

HSCI 880-3:              Practicum