Nathan Worku

MPH in Health Sciences

Nathan Worku hopes his work as a public health expert at both the University of Toronto and Simon Fraser University will make a lasting impact on many communities.

Passionate about applying his health sciences knowledge at the population level, Nathan Worku has dedicated his education towards making a lasting impact on the community. Focused on the topics of social determinants of health, communication, gun violence and health equity, he appreciates public health for being multi-dimensional with different, overlapping specialties.

Currently working on his Master of Public Health in the Faculty of Health Sciences, he also works with the University of Toronto’s “Centre for Research and Innovation for Black Survivors of Homicide Victims” as a research assistant, and conducts research with SFU’s School of Communication “Disinformation Project”.

“At UofT, my work focusing on Black survivors of homicide victims looks at the disproportionate impacts of gun violence in Black communities and the systemic inequities that lead to a higher frequency of gun violence in the first place,” he explains. “Additionally, my research on fake news discourse with SFU examines how disinformation on social media can contribute to the undermining of public health in general. I wish to eventually become a leader in formulating health policy based on my previous experiences.”

Worku values the unique perspectives brought to his program from the diverse set of professors and students. He has learned how to better apply his knowledge through a public health lens, collaborate with students from vastly different research backgrounds, and more. He advises students to never be afraid to apply for positions they are interested in, and to take advantage of any opportunities that are in front of them.

“Stepping out of my comfort zone helped me become more vocal in the classroom; whether it means asking more questions during class, leading discussions, or making closer connections with my colleagues.”