2018 Year In Review

Data accurate as of November 14th 2018

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At present, the Faculty of Health Sciences has 1416 undergraduate and 145 graduate students enrolled in the 5 programs we currently offer.

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Some highlights for the Faculty of Health Sciences include 10 articles in BMJ, 9 articles in Environment International, 6 articles in AIDS & Behavior and 4 articles in JAMA Peds.

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This year, 255 FHS students walked the stage at convocation, with 166 students in June, and 89 in October.

These included 103 BA, 107 BSc, 35 MPH, 7 MSc, and 6 PhD recipients.

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Throughout the year, FHS students and faculty were invited to present at, and attend, 35 conferences in BC, 23 across Canada, and 42 internationally.

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This year, 197 students completed either their co-op or practicum placements with 79 different organizations in 16 countries, including Belgium, Canada, India, Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Spain, and U.S.A.

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Faculty of Health Sciences students and faculty were featured in the media, both locally and further afield. These included 8 appearances in The Star, 8 in CBC, 7 in the Vancouver Sun, 6 in The Conversation and 6 in the National Post.

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These course offerings include over 70 options for undergraduate students, over 40 options for graduate students, and 3 experiential learning courses that took place both in Canada and internationally.

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This year, we have worked closely with our existing partner organizations, all of whom we are proud to collaborate with.

In September, we further strengthened our relationship with BC-CfE, where FHS associate professor Zabrina Brumme is on secondment acting as Laboratory Director. Read more here.

Some highlights include: 1 Vanier Award, 2 Dean's Convocation Medals, 3 Queen Elizabeth II Awards, and 5 SFU Major Entrance Scholarships.

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Some highlights include: 1 CAHS Fellow, 1 SFU President's Social Newsmaker of the Year, and 1 L'Oreal Canada/UNESCO Women in Science Research Excellence Postdoctoral Fellowship.

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These new appointments are: 1 Associate Dean of Education, 1 University Professor, 1 Assistant Professor, 1 Acting Undergraduate Director, 1 Budget Clerk, 2 Communications and Marketing Coordinators, and 5 Adjunct Professors.

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This value is representative of new funding, which has been awarded in 2018 at the time of publishing. This sum is in addition to the large amount of ongoing funding previously received by FHS research projects.

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